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Middle And High School (7-12) IntraDistrict Transfer Requests

2024-25 Middle & High School IntraDistrict Transfer Requests (Within VUSD)

For students who will begin the 2024-25 school year as 7th-12th graders. View and download the online Middle & High School IntraDistrict Agreement in English and Spanish.

The window for the middle and high school transfers is now open. Transfers are reviewed following District practices and priorities. Due to limited space in many of our schools, priority is given to resident students first, followed by transfers as space permits. Space includes both current and expected needs.

Transfer decisions for requests received by March 15th, 2024 will be communicated via email no later than end of day April 12th, 2024. Transfer requests will continue to be accepted and reviewed throughout the school year.

Middle & High School IntraDistrict Transfer Requests are applicable to students currently residing in the VUSD school boundaries, requesting a transfer from residence school to another within VUSD.

Middle & High School students (unlike elementary) do not have to first be enrolled in a Vacaville Unified School to request an IntraDistrict Transfer. Proof of residency may be required.

View the IntraDistrict Transfer Agreement Practices and Priorities. You will be required to acknowledge your understanding of these practices and priorities prior to submitting a transfer request. Transfer status will not be available prior to the official notification.

The following information is applicable to all students requesting an IntraDistrict Transfer Agreement. Please read carefully prior to submitting transfer request(s) for the appropriate grade level(s).

Transfers are granted based on the following factors:

  • Space availability in the school and/or program requested. Available space is determined considering both current and projected space needs.
  • Students in good standing Re: attendance and discipline history.

Steps for completion of IntraDistrict Transfer Agreement for Middle & High School Students:

  1. The completed IntraDistrict Agreement needs to be taken to the requested school for the school to approve or deny. (Middle and high school students requesting an IntraDistrict transfer do not need approval from the school of residence).
  2. If the IntraDistrict Transfer Agreement is approved, the requested school will notify the home school and the parent(s)/legal guardian(s).
  3. If the transfer is requested to occur during the current school year, the principal of the requesting school will notify the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) within five school days after the request is received.
  4. If the request is for the following school year, the principal of the requested school will notify the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) within 2 weeks of receiving the request.

A student on an IntraDistrict Agreement DOES NOT have to renew their Agreement every year. A student who has been granted an IntraDistrict transfer shall remain a resident of the requested school, unless space is not available, or the student's attendance and or discipline is not acceptable. Parents may be contacted about possible revocation for the following school year in the spring.

Upon transitioning to the middle or high school, IntraDistrict transfer students will be enrolled at the middle or high school based on their school of attendance for the current school year. Revocation of an IntraDistrict transfer may occur if requested by the parent and space is available at their requested school.

IntraDistrict transfers for students receiving special education shall not be approved until the Special Education Department verifies space availability within the requested program.

Students determined to have enrolled in a school by falsifying IntraDistrict information, including student or residency records, shall be returned to their home school immediately, even if they otherwise meet priority status.

There is no appeal for an IntraDistrict Transfer denial, but you may request a meeting with the site administrator.

School personnel may initiate IntraDistrict Transfers on the basis of student housing needs and/or student behavior invalidating transfer or administrative placement.

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