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Removing bullying behaviors from all schools takes a community effort. Schools, police departments parent and students all play critical roles in changing social attitudes about the importance of kindness. In schools, an important aspect of fostering positive school climate is a constant and systemic approach to kindness. This includes assemblies, curriculum, steering kids in a positive direction, and giving students tools and skills to make good choice on social media. The

I Can Help#ICANHELP grows positive school culture by developing digital leaders. #ICANHELP shows students how to develop their own capacity to make positive change online and encourages them to act on it. This transforms students and their schools, creating a more positive culture and climate online and offline.

Willis Jepson Middle School and Vaca Pena Middle School both host #iCANHELP assemblies for students

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Random Act of Kindess

Random Acts of Kindness campaigns happen throughout the year and are usually led bu student groups several times per year. Students create activities or area of focus that result in hundreds of kind acts directed towards other students.

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Leader in Me teaches 21st century leadership and life skills to students and creates a culture of kindness and student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader. LIM touches on

Leadership, Responsibility, Accountability, Problem Solving, Adaptability, Communication, Initiative and Self-Direction, Creativity, Cross-Cultural Skills, Teamwork

Eugene Padan Elementary is an LIM school

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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a system founded in the philosophy that rather than telling students what not to do, the school will focus on the positive behaviors. Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful.

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The DUDE. be nice project is a platform to inspire people to build a positive community by recognizing a person or group in a fun, creative and meaningful way.

Will C Wood High School hosts Dude.Be Nice events and projects.

Breaking Down the Walls is a comprehensive program designed to unify, empower, and engage every student to create a positive and supportive campus climate. Students learn to interact with a cross-section of their peers, and find that they do not live in isolation, rather, within a community that depends on each of its members to thrive. Students work side by side, learn from one another, and become active participants in the positive development of their campus. Vacaville High School hosts Breaking Down the walls projects and events.

Service Learning and Act of Kindness

Engaging students in community service, volunteerism and acts of kindness are important aspects of all VUSD schools. Creating opportunities for students to give to others helps them focus on positivity and helps them understand the importance of personally contributing to health of their community. These ongoing efforts connects kids together and gives them something to feel proud about. Schools see that positive energy carry over into school environments.

I Love How Awesome

The Awesome Campaign
The "I love how awesome you are" campaign has an ongoing presence within VUSD. Staff and students use these message cards to recognize each other for being special and awesome just the way they are.


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Bystander: a person who observes a conflict or unacceptable behavior and knows that the behavior is destructive or likely to make a bad situation worse but does nothing about it.

Upstander: a person who chooses to take positive action in situations where individuals need assistance. Upstanders do not spread negativity, even if it is in defense of others.


"We really need to teach kids standing up to bullying doesn't mean you go flood the wall of the bully with hate. It means you flood the wall of the target with support...Give that person the attention that they need and shut down the attention that's going to the aggressor." - Author Carrie Goldman

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Empower the Bystander

"At the end of the day, it probably doesn't matter as much if we are the best athlete or the smartest person in the class. But, if we are a little kinder to people around us then that's really what ends up mattering"- VUSD Board President Michael Kitzes



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