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Vacaville Unified School District Governing Board


The Vacaville Unified School District Governing Board consists of seven members. School Board elections are held on even-numbered years, with members elected to serve staggered four-year terms.

Basic functions of the Board are to establish the policies by which the schools of the District are to be administered and to select the Superintendent and staff who will implement those policies. The Board shall be responsible for the organization and operation of the District in conformity with the rules and regulations of the State Board of Education, and the laws of the State and Federal Government.

Board Meetings

Board meetings will be held at the VUSD Educational Services Center, located at 401 Nut Tree Drive, and are generally held the first and third Thursday of each month. During the months of January, February, July, and December there is only one meeting due to school breaks/holidays. Also, during the month of June the meetings will be held on the second and fourth Thursdays. Special meetings are called as needed. Please call the Superintendent's Office at 453-6101 to verify meeting dates, times and locations.

Trustee Area Redistricting 

Agendas and Minutes

The agendas for the Vacaville Unified School Board can be found at Agenda Online

Visit our archive for minutes and meetings prior to 2015

Governance Handbook 2018

Superintendent’s Comments/Correspondence

  • Superintendent Shamieh shared information regarding the power outages that affected several district schools this week and honored certificated and classified administrators in honor of Week of the School Administrator, October 13-19, 2019.

  • Safe Routes to School Posted Contest Presentation: Karin Bloesch, Senior Program Coordinator with Safe Routes to School, provided an update on the 5th Annual Solano Safe Routes to School poster contest, and honored VUSD student Travis Santiago for his winning artwork featured in the Safe Routes 2020 calendar.

Student/Staff Recognitions

  • Vaca Pena Middle School Principal Colleen Moe and Assistant Principal Jenni Brown honored Outstanding Student Jada Segarra, and Outstanding Staff Member Leslie Fitz.

  • Will C. Wood High School Principal Adam Rich honored Outstanding Student Emily Torres, and Outstanding Adult Volunteer Tiffany Rafferty.

Public Hearing

Assistant Superintendent Ed Santopadre presented a report regarding the determination of textbooks and instructional materials sufficiency process. Action on the Sufficiency resolution was taken under Action Items.


Staff Reports and Presentations

  • Special Education Update: Special Education Coordinators Aumrey Moland and Laurie Schrader provided an update on recent Special Education funding stream adjustments, and current student enrollment and eligibility.

  • Human Resources Update: Assistant Superintendent Chris Hulett and Director Manolo Garcia provided an update on current staffing and student enrollment.

Action Items – the following items were approved by the Board:

  1. Adoption of Resolution No. 5, 2019-20, Determination of Sufficient Textbooks/Instructional Materials for All Schools in the Vacaville Unified School District.

  2. Adoption of Resolution No. 6, 2019-20, Authorizing Instructor to Teach in Grades 5 to 8 Per Education Code 44258.2.

  3. Adoption of Resolution No. 7, 2019-20, Authorizing Instructor to Teach in Classes Below Grade 9 Per Education Code 44256(b).

  4. Adoption of Resolution No. 8, 2019-20, Authorizing Instructor to Teach in Departmentalized Classes Per Education Code 44263.

  5. Adoption of Resolution No. 9, 2019-20, Recognizing Week of the School Administrator, October 13-19, 2019.

  6. Adoption of Resolution No. 10, 2019-20, Recognizing Red Ribbon Week, October 23-31, 2019.

  7. Adoption of Resolution No. 11, 2019-20, Adoption of District Facility Design Standard Designation of Specific Systems, Equipment, Products, and Materials in the Specifications for District Construction Projects.

  8. Approval of Agreement with Total School Solutions.

  9. Approval of Special Education Individual Service Agreements.

  10. Approval of Special Education Staffing Contracts.

Posted 10/11/19


VUSD Board of Education
401 Nut Tree Road
Vacaville, CA 95687