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School Loop is a tool for keeping parents informed about academics, progress and school events. School Loop gives teachers an easy way to post grades, activities, homework assignments and dates of upcoming events in a secure place where parents and students can find them. 

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  1. You'll need your email address, your student's ID number, and a home phone number to complete the registration. Vacaville High School ID Card
  2. Surf out to one of the School Loop sites at the right. 
  3. Click the REGISTER NOW button on SchoolLoop.
  5. Fill out the short form with your name and student information. The student ID number can be found on the top right corner of your child's Student Body Card, report card, school registration forms, class schedules, etc. (If you cannot locate one of these, please contact the school office for their ID number.) SchoolLoop will also ask for the student's initials. It is important that you use the same initials as they appear on the card (s and s in this example.)
  6. Write down your SchoolLoop user name and password.
  7. Once logged on you can add additional children attending at the same school. For children attending other schools, simply repeat the process by creating an account at the other School Loop sites. You can use the same user name and password at each.


Please note: Parent registrations must be verified by a school staff member before grade information is shown online. Allow at least 24 hours for a staff member to complete the verification process. Use of School Loop is voluntary for teachers, so not all teachers are actively posting assignments to SchoolLoop at this time.


School Loop App

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Full School Loop Sites

The following schools have School Loop sites with login / self-registration for parents and students. The student ID number is required to complete the registration. It can be found on student body cards, transcripts, class schedules, report cards, etc. 

  • Vaca Pena Middle School
  • Willis Jepson Middle School
  • Vacaville High School
  • Will C. Wood High School
  • Buckingham Charter Magnet High School
  • Country High School
  • Ernest Kimme Charter Academy

School Loop at Other Sites

VUSD Elementary schools and Adult Education use School Loop for their web site only. Though teachers can still create web pages and post daily assignments to them, the sites do not offer registrations for parents or students. Nor is there a gradebook feature for teachers to post grades online.