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Public Information Office

The Public Information Office is committed to two-way communication  as a vehicle to receive input from our community and improve educational outcomes by building trust, confidence and support for programs supporting all children in our schools.

Media Inquiries

All media inquiries should be directed to the Director of Communication and Community Engagement at (707) 453-6155 or

Department COntacts

Director of Communications and Community Engagement

(707) 453-6155


Rae Ann Quinata

Administrative Secretary

(707) 453-6137

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Public Records Requests

VUSD adheres to the California Public Records Act (Government Code Sections 6250 et seq.). 

Public records requests can be submitted to We will provide a response within 10 days informing the requestor whether or not the requested information is disclosable, as required by California Government Code Section 6253(c).

VUSD Public Information Office
(707) 453-6155.