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Café Corner



We are excited about our new offerings and we hope students will enjoy the new items. Depending on kitchen facilities different schools offer different options; but please know we are always striving to get better. Here are some highlights from the 2018-2019 school year and reasons why we offer what we offer:


Plant Based Proteins- We realize this is not for everyone, but with many of the major quick service restaurants serving these options, we think it is the right time to offer it to our customers as well. We have had our eye on these products for a while and we really liked the flavor. We hope students give it a try; we are anxious to see how student respond to it.


Tamales - We have found a manufacturer that we thinks puts out a product good enough for our students. We have never served these items in recent years and our hope is that they are well received.


Salad entree offerings – We have basically eliminated salads as an entrée because we felt students can get all of the same items in a well-planned salad bar. We tried this last month and we have seen an increase in salad/vegetable consumption. If students truly miss the salad entrees we can always bring them back. Our plan is to serve amazing fruits and vegetables in the remaining school year.


We are committed to serving your students the best possible meal while offering the best customer service. We encourage you to take advantage of our program because it really is getting better and we are offering some great options for students.


We welcome all feedback. We work for you and your students and our goal is ultimate customer satisfaction. We are committed to good food that is good for your student and we want to get better. Thank you for letting us serve your student!