School Board Recognition: Lacie Lopez

School Board Recognition: Lacie Lopez
Posted on 11/18/2022
School Board Recognition: Lacie LopezWe get to talk about one of our fantastic parent volunteers, Lacie Lopez. I’ve known Lacie since I first arrived at Alamo 11 years ago. Her scoreboard at Alamo is 12 years down, with four more to go. This is the time when the staff of Alamo thanked Lacie for keeping us employed all these years. 

Our PTO is an amazing group of parents that carry on traditions from the 60s and 70s and introduce new traditions. I’d love to tell you about these fantastic people, but Lacie, as the PTO president, represents them tonight. This is Lacie’s 4th year as Alamo PTO president. Even though she tries to pass this position on to another parent each year, we know how amazing she is, and we keep talking her into “just one more year!” 
We suspect Lacie has a life outside of Alamo, but there is no proof. Fun fact, she lives across the street from a school in Vacaville, which only proves that she has had outstanding taste in her educational choices for 16 years. However, she is also a huge Dodgers fan, so she could be better and has room to grow. We want to thank her children for allowing their mother to hang out at Alamo, Ozzie from Alamo, Zoie from Jepson, and Gracie, a senior at Vaca High. Thankfully Jepson and Vaca High haven’t poached her, and we hope you will keep her our secret. 

We also need to thank her husband, Sam. Our PTO does many events, and Lacie is at every single one, so a big thank you to Sam for sharing her with us, even if he is also a Dodger fan. Thank you, Lacie, for 12 incredible years, and we look forward to 4 more wonderful years, probably as President, since your only weakness seems to be finding someone to take that position.
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