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Measure A Project Updates

3000 - Business

Number Policy Subject Policy Regulation Exhibits
3000 Concepts and Roles Policy    
3100 Budget Policy Regulation  
3110 Transfer of Funds Policy    
3111 Deferred Maintenance Funds Policy    
3220.1 Lottery Funds Policy    
3230 Federal Grant Funds Policy Regulation  
3250 Transportation Fees Policy Regulation  
3260 Fees and Charges Policy Regulation  
3270 Sale and Disposal of Books, Equipment and Supplies Policy Regulation  
3271 Payment for Lost or Damaged Property Policy Regulation Ex. 1 / Ex. 2 / Ex. 3
3280 Sale or Lease of District-Owned Real Property Policy Regulation  
3290 Gifts, Grants and Bequests Policy    
3300 Expenditures and Purchases Policy Regulation  
3311 Bids Policy Regulation  
3312 Contract Policy    
3314 Payment For Goods and Services Policy Regulation  
3314.2 Revolving Funds Policy    
3320 Claims and Actions Against the District Policy Regulation Ex. 1 / Ex. 2
3350 Travel Expenses Policy


3400 Management of District Assets:Accounts Policy Regulation  
3430 Investing Policy Regulation  
3440 Inventories  - Regulation  
3450 Money in School Buildings (AR)  - Regulation  
3451 Petty Cash Funds (AR)  - Regulation  
3452 Student Activity Funds Policy    
3460 Financial Reports and Accountability Policy Regulation  
3470 Debt Issuance and Management Policy    
3510 Green School Operations Policy    
3511 Energy and Water Management Policy Regulation  
3512 Equipment (AR)   Regulation  
3513.1 Cellular Phone Reimbursement Policy Regulation  
3513.2 Cellular Phone Use Policy Regulation  
3513.3 Tobacco Free Schools Policy Regulation  
3514 Environmental Safety Policy Regulation  
3514.1 Hazardous Substances Policy Regulation  
3514.2 Integrated Pest Management (AR)  - Regulation  
3515 Campus Security Policy Regulation  
3515.2 Disruptions Policy Regulation  
3515.4 Recovery for Property Loss or Damage Policy Regulation  
3515.5 Sex Offender Notification (AR)  - Regulation  
3515.6 Ciminal Background Checks for Contractors (AR)  - Regulation  
3516 Emergencies and Diaster Prepardness Plan Policy Regulation  
3516.1 Fire Drills and Fires (AR)  - Regulation  
3516.2 Bomb Threats (AR)  - Regulation  
3516.3 Earthquake Emergency Procedure System (AR)  - Regulation  
3516.5 Emergency Schedules Policy    
3517 Facilities Inspection Policy    
3530 Risk Management:Insurance Policy Regulation  
3540 Transportation Policy Regulation  
3541 Transportation Routes and Services (AR)  - Regulation  
3541.1 Transportation for School Related Trips (AR)  - Regulation Ex. 1  / Ex. 2
3541.2 Transportation for Students with Disabilities Policy    
3542 School Bus Drivers (AR)  - Regulation  
3543 Transportation Safety and Emergencies (AR)  - Regulation  
3550 Food Service:Child Nutrition Program Policy Regulation  
3551 Food Services Operation:Cafeteria Fund Policy Regulation  
3552 Summer Meal Program Policy Regulation  
3553 Free and Reduced Price Meals Policy Regulation  
3554 Other Food Sales Policy Regulation  
3555 Nutrition Program Compliance Policy    
3580 District Records Policy Regulation  
3600 Consultants Policy    
3605 Use of School Facilities Policy Regulation