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1000 - Community Relations


Number Policy Subject Policy Regulation Exhibit
1000 Concepts and Roles Policy    
1020 Youth Services Policy    
1100 Communications with the Public Policy    
1113 District and School Web Sites Policy Regulation  
1150 Commendations and Awards Policy    
1160 Political Processes Policy    
1205 Advisory Committees Policy Regulation  
1206 Citizen's Oversight Committee Policy   Exhibit
1216 Parent:Guardian Involvement Policy    
1218 Volunteer Assistance Policy Regulation  
1220 Citizens Advisory Committees Policy Regulation  
1230 School Connected Organizations Policy Regulation  Exhibit
1240 Volunteer Assistance (AR)   Regulation  
1250 Visitors/Outsiders Policy Regulation  
1260 Educational Foundation Policy    
1305 Visits to the Schools - (See 1250 above)      
1312.1 Complaints Concerning District Employees Policy Regulation Exhibit
1312.2 Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials Policy Regulation Exhibit
1312.3 Uniform Complaint Procedures Policy Regulation  
1312.4 Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures (AR)   Regulation Ex. 1 / Ex. 2
1325 Advertising and Promotion Policy Regulation  
1330 Use of School Facilities Policy Regulation Exhibit
1340 Access to District Records Policy Regulation  
1400 Community Relations Between Other Govt. Agencies and the School Policy    
1431 Waivers Policy    
1700 Relations Between Private Industry and the Schools Policy