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School Emergency Response

School Emergency Actions

Keeping Students Safe

Vacaville Unified School District and the City of Vacaville Police Department are continuously enhancing student safety. VUSD has implemented a safety program called Standard Response Protocol (SRP) that allows all agencies to react and communicate effectively during an emergency. In the event of an emergency, the action and appropriate direction will be announced on the school intercom system.

SRP Lockdown icon

LOCKDOWN“Locks, Lights, Out of Sight” Lock the doors, turn off the lights, and hide. Stay hidden until administration or police enter the room and give further instructions.

SRP Lockout icon two hands

LOCKOUT “Secure the Perimeter- Business as Usual” Lock the doors, no one in or out; business as usual in the classroom. Lockouts are common. Parents are not usually notified about Lockouts.

SRP Evacuate icon people holding hands 


Fire Evacuation icon flamesEVACUATE, ON or OFF SITE - “To the Announced Location” Some evacuations will be to a safe location on the school site, others will be to an off-campus location. Evacuation may be started with a fire alarm siren, or an announcement on the school intercom.
If an evacuation is ever necessary, the students, staff and administration may be picked up and transported to a reunification site. Parents will be provided with reunification information via text, email or phone message.

SRP Shelter icon person under roof


SHELTER "Response to Hazard" This would be used in the case of an earthquake, weather event or other natural disaster.

Notes for Parents

Things Parents Should Know:

  • DO NOT GO TO A SCHOOL CAMPUS DURING AN EMERGENCY- VUSD staff and parents are asked to stay clear of school sites during an emergency. The presence of bystanders can complicate matters for emergency responders, making it more difficult to effectively manage the scene for our students.
  • DO NOT CALL A SCHOOL SITE FOR INFORMATION. CHECK YOUR TEXT INSTEAD- Phone calls tie up phone lines that should be available for first responders. Staff will be addressing student safety and may not be available to answer calls. The VUSD Public Information Office will contact parents via text as soon as possible with information about campus emergencies. Information is also usually posted in the VUSD Facebook & Twitter pages, the VUSD website homepage and on the School Safety Message Center at (707)469-2300.
  • BE CALM AND PATIENT- VUSD works closely with the Vacaville Police Department on emergencies; student safety always comes first. Occasionally, circumstances require that communication to parents be delayed or limited. We ask that parents support and respect the judgment of our law enforcement officers who work to ensure the safety of our students.  They are experts in emergency response and investigations. VUSD will communicate status updates immediately to parents whenever possible. 
  • UPDATES FROM YOUR STUDENT- If possible, teachers will encourage students to contact their parents to let them know they are okay. Sometimes this will not be possible.
  • KEEP YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION CURRENT- Update your contact info with the school office. VUSD will notify parents of incidents on campus as soon as possible via text, and email or occasionally phone messages. 
  • REUNIFICATION MAY TAKE SEVERAL HOURS- If students are evacuated from a school site, VUSD staff must ensure that every student is safe and accounted for. Reunification with parents will likely take several hours. Please support staff in keeping kids safe by being patient. Students will only be released to adults listed on emergency cards; photo ID is required for student pickup.




(707) 453-6155.

Safe School logo with heart

heart with see something say something actions

Do Not Call a School or Dispatch

Help us keep students safe during an emergency. Please do not call a school site or police dispatch during a school emergency. The School Safety Message Center at (707)469-2300 will feature messages and updates regarding safety actions of Lockdown or Evacuation, (not Lockout). We will also send updates via text message whenever possible. 

Lockout vs Lockout image showing icons for both

Lockouts are Common

The LOCKOUT action is used most often at school sites. This means all doors are locked and class is continuing, "business as usual" inside. Students are not in danger during a LOCKOUT.
Because they occur routinely, parents are not usually notified of a LOCKOUT.

Emergency Response Poster

English version